■teamLab Architects

A group based in Tokyo that aims to create coexistence between digital art and space. Digital art traditionally lives on screen; however, by using actual space that can be experienced, teamLab Architects create space designs that make digital art and the real world fuse and coexist together.

■Space Design
Nowadays we live in an information­based society where people have a presence on social media, they make purchases on e­commerce sites, and use the Internet as a normal part of their lives. In this day and age, space cannot continue to exist based on a simple concept of space. Modern people connect to the Internet while living in real spaces, moving to and fro between real life and virtual space.
In the information­based society there are no offices that can function without using the Internet. Similarly, there is no apparel brand without an e­commerce site.Today we have office spaces that improve creativity, communication, tension, intelligence, and productivity, as well as apparel stores that leverage information on e­commerce sites to link the digital world with the real world.
teamLab Architects not only present digital art on screen, but they also use actual spaces that can be experienced, in order to create space designs that make digital art and the real world fuse and coexist together.

■Office Space Design
The challenges people face in our information­based society have become more and more complex. Therefore, when creating somehting new, it is important for many specialists to be gathered together in one place. Innovation is born from a number of experts quietly communicating with each other and sharing their values and ideas. However, when the number of people in an office increases, the sharing of those ideas and values naturally becomes more difficult. However, leading a group of people by using a set of “rules” hinders diversity, making it difficult for people to express their own opinions freely, and thus killing creativity. This is why we have aimed to move away from language and logic, creating a space that can unconsciously, and without words, inspire people's senses and change their minds. We aim to break down walls, create flat environments, cherish physicality, use colors, create opportunities for chance encounters, and allow people to make a choice. teamLab Architects does not limit the individuality of each member. They work together to come up with new proposals for next generation office spaces suited to our information­based society. In this space that is brimming to the full with a great variety of individualities, the birth of innovation is simply inevitable.

Director of teamLab Architects a group active from Tokyo that strives to make ambiguous the coexistence of digital and architecture. By taking digital, once confined to the screen, out of the screen, and making an architectural space in which it can be experienced, the coexistence of the digital and real worlds becomes ambiguous. teamLab Architects produces design for the information age office based on the keywords; creativity, communication, tension, and intelligence.