teamLab Planets TOKYO

Jul 07, 2018
teamLab Planets Toyosu, Tokyo, Japan

Body Immersive

teamLab Planets is a museum where you move through water. It consists of 4 vast exhibition spaces at its center, and 7 works of art. The artworks are based on art collective teamLab’s concept of “Body Immersive”.

The massive Body Immersive space consists of a collection of installations in which the entire body becomes immersed in the art, and the boundaries between the viewer and the work become ambiguous.

Visitors enter the museum barefoot, and become immersed with other visitors in the vast installation spaces.


teamLab Planets TOKYO
Jul 07, 2018
teamLab Planets TOKYO,
Toyosu 6-1-16, Koto-ku, Tokyo

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