Crystal Forest Square (Finalizing)

Estimated 2021
C Future City Guangdong, Shenzhen, China

This architecture is a square composed of pillars with information processing functions. We call each pillar a “Crystal Tree”.
Crystal Tree is pillar made up of a set of light points covered with translucent mirrors.
Crystal Trees are arranged according to mathematical rules (density decreases along quadratic curve from center to edge of the square), on the basis of a honeycomb structure.

In the center, a space with glass ceiling and walls is arranged. No Crystal Tree exists in the center; it is hollow.

In addition, due to architectural rationality, Crystal Trees near the center are arranged like a grid.
The contact points of “honeycomb arrangement” and “grid arrangement” are arranged at average value of Crystal Trees nearby, so that “honeycomb arrangement” and “grid arrangement” are continuous. (a smooth transition point)
The density of the Crystal Trees is changed constantly, Crystal Trees at the center are independent from those positioned far from the center. When approaching the center, the pillars position becomes more dense, which forms a new space. The center pillar is symbolic because of its high density.

In cross-sectional planning, the height of each Crystal Tree is determined by a mathematical expression based on trigonometric functions, and the central part will radially descend in a maximum arc.
The point cloud of the light of Crystal Tree is integrated and controlled, and the light points of each Crystal Tree gather to form a light mass. The architectural outline crossing the glass wall and ceiling. The shape of the light mass changes according to people’s behavior. In other words, the light mass has an ambiguous architectural outline which changes according to the behavior of individuals nearby.

When a space at a certain moment becomes a mass of light with personal meaning, it looks beautiful to others, and the personal is shared with the public.

The hollow at the center is a venue for individual celebrations. That being said, it functions as a personal space to be shared over time. If the light block for personal celebrations is perceived as a symbol of the venue, this personal venue also maintains the characteristic of a public space. The personalized space for personal celebrations will gradually spread to cover the entire square. Then, everyone in the square receives the joy and blessings of the celebration.

This Crystal Forest Square, whilst maintaining the characteristics of a public space, can also be full of personal celebrations. If personal celebrations cover the entire square, through the development of the public space being personalized, it will become a symbolic square of new cities in the digital era, where public space and personalized space coexist in the square.


Crystal Forest Square (Finalizing)
April 01, 2018
Estimated 2021
Site Area
160,000 SQM
Gross Floor Area
3,000,000 SQM
C Future City
Jinsha, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Zhongzhou Group